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Table Etiquette

In our constant research for the best etiquette information out there, we’ve recently come across a sensational new *table etiquette program that is available now for the first time ever.

For years, Joanne Blake and Terry Pithers have been personal image consultants, running their internationally recognised Style For Success business and conducting business etiquette seminars with large corporations.  They’ve sold their training programs to some of the top MBA schools all over the world.  Finally, this program is available to the general public.

Their latest creation, Dining For Success, teaches you exactly how to succeed in any social or business dining settings.  Showing you the proper table etiquette for any dining occasion, how to get out of any awkward situations you may get yourself into and doing it all with a sense of class and humor. Dining For Success is the number one choice for anyone looking to enhance their social dining experience or to maximizing your business meetings through proper table etiquette.

Table Etiquette Training

With Dining For Success, you receive access to a high-quality video tutorial containing 19 lessons which will improve your table etiquette skills immediately.  You also get access to forums that allow you to converse with other like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Extend the invitation
  • Choose the restaurant
  • Successfully arrange the seating
  • Successfully order
  • Learn the time for Small talk vs. Business talk
  • Use place settings and napkins properly
  • Break the bread
  • Get through the soup
  • Pass and serve the food
  • Deal with both national and international clients
  • Use cutlery
  • Deal with food issues
  • Handle dessert
  • End the meal
  • Be a great guest
  • Handle difficult food

In addition, you’ll receive wine and table tips as well as “what not to do’s” that are presented in a humorous manner, taking the pomp out of the pompousness of table etiquette.

Here is what one customer said about their course:

“I bought the program for myself and my husband, as we must attend many business functions that involve dining, and for my teenage boys as well, with an eye to grooming them for there future careers. We have found the training to be very informative, and yet casual and fun, and we have viewed it on several occasions. I highly recommend it”
Barb Cotton BA,LLB, Lawyer

This course is a must for anyone wishing to gain confidence in or improve their dining etiquette. Also if you are looking to improve your business skill set, Dining For Success is a no brainer.

Statistics show that at least 75% of business professionals unwittingly sabotage their business meetings.  DON’T BECOME ANOTHER STATISTIC.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dining For Success is now offering you a 100% guaranteed money-back offer for 60 days.  So if you’re not completely satisfied, simply get a refund, no questions asked.  They are that confident in their product.

And for a limited time, you get ‘The Etiquette Checklist’, something that will come in handy before those big formal or business meals, when nerves can sometimes get the better of you.

We strongly recommend you give Dining For Success a try today.  For the price of one meal, you will boost your standings in your boss’s eyes, becoming the go-to person when business comes calling.

What’s more is that if you don’t find the program successful, you get a full refund, no questions asked!

So click here to try Dining For Success today and be sure to come back to tell us how much you learned about Table Etiquette!

Best of Luck


*Please note this course is currently unavailable due to their site being down. I have added a link to another excellent Table Etiquette course in the meantime.

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Table Etiquette Will Save Your Job

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Image Table Etiquette Setting

Table Etiquette

The manner in which you eat can cost you your job, it’s true.  And finding yourself on the unemployment line because you didn’t know enough about table etiquette would have to rank up there with one of the most horrendous blunders of your life.  But don’t worry, even if you didn’t listen to your mother when she told you to get your elbows off the table when you were a kid, there’s still hope for you.  The fact is that learning proper table etiquette now will not only keep your job secure, it will make you a valuable asset to the company and possibly even garner you a promotion.

This is because being trusted with being the face of the company is more valuable than you can imagine to your bosses.  Executives want a person they can send out on a business lunch or dinner without worrying about them making a blunder that can potentially blow the whole deal.  In fact, an estimated 45% of all business deals gone south, originate from a social faux pas.  So with that said, you can see how important it is for proper table etiquette to be followed and adhered to as strictly as possible.

Why is Table Etiquette So Important, Though?

From ancient times, the shared meal has always been an integral part of communal society.  It not only represents, but builds trust.  Because food is a vital part of staying alive, the act of consumption is psychologically bound with being vulnerable; were you not to eat or was your food to be tampered with, you could die.  So it became that sharing a meal with someone was an act as vital as life itself and as evident of one’s trust in another as to be the setting place for deals made upon trust to this very day.

And this is why table etiquette is so important: if someone is showing the trust and faith they have in you (and the company you represent), proper manners and dining etiquette shows a reciprocal trust and appreciation.  With such levels of mutual respect set as a formal groundwork for business dealings, it is easy to see why one would be that much more inclined to do business with someone who exhibits proper table etiquette.
In fact, Lord Chesterfield, the man who coined the word “etiquette,” writing that the “art of pleasing” others was vital because it is the way in “which (you) seduce and prepossess people in your favor at first sight.”  In short, table etiquette is a shortcut to putting others in your pocket at that first meeting.

The Age of Image

And first sight is image.  Image is everything today and dining etiquette during a business meeting is all about image.  Where you go, who pays, what you order.  Everything is taken into account and it always has been since the day you were hired, whether you realized it or not.  Management takes prospective employees and new hires out to meals to see how they interact at all levels: how you interact with those below you (waiters), those above you (executives), those on your level (your spouse) and how you cope with them all together.  Showing proper table etiquette is a surefire way to set a basis of ground rules where you are sure to act appropriately on all levels of your dining experience.

In fact, table etiquette is designed to help your image in the eyes of your business associates.  Not following proper dining etiquette immediately relays a sense of arrogance, ignorance and overall obnoxiousness that turn off associates to any future dealings.  Think about it: how likely would you be buy a car from someone who met you for dinner who proceeded to spill food everywhere, wipe his hands on his shirt and skip out on the check?  Not very.  You’d assume that he was this careless and reckless in his everyday affairs, meaning that the product you were buying from him was probably in a state of disrepair and neglect.

Now, multiple those consequences by the appropriate dollar value (buying a car compared to a multi-million dollar business deal) and you can see why even the tiniest etiquette faux pas such as table setting etiquette could be offsetting.  Table etiquette is a meticulous reflection of how you will operate your side of the business.

Learn Proper Table Etiquette and Be Successful

As mentioned, it’s never too late to learn dining etiquette.  While there are many systems out there and a multitude of scattered information floating about the Internet, there’s only one place where all the information you need to succeed is gathered and packaged together with one goal in mind: teaching you proper table etiquette for business as quickly and as easily as possible.  If you don’t want to run the risk of losing your job over something as trivial as table etiquette, then I strongly recommend you click here.

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Table Etiquette And Building Stronger Relationships

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Table etiquette - Getting it wrong

Bad Table Etiquette

Making a great first impression is a very important part of developing relationships and if you are sitting down to eat with somebody new, then your table etiquette is probably going to make or break that initial judgement. First impressions are very important but keeping up those appearances is equally as crucial. It makes no sense to have perfect table etiquette on the first dining occasion and then adopting poor manners from then onwards. In fact, that would be worse than not having any table etiquette at all, as it would show that despite knowing better, you cannot be bothered to use your manners.

To avoid any dining dilemma’s simply follow accepted table etiquette during all formal and social dining occasions. It is not a dark art and is easy to master, and will also increase your value as a friend, lover, business partner or social acquaintance, no matter the occasion. In fact, table etiquette is meant to enrich the dining experience.

The Pitfalls Of Poor Table Etiquette

Imagine a scenario where you are dining with your spouse’s friends while vacationing in the town in which they live. You don’t know much about them and you don’t particularly want to be there. You’d rather be poolside. Now, this can play out one of two ways.

First, you can ignore all table etiquette and let your true feelings be shown. Perhaps you order your entrée while the table orders an appetizer in order to get the meal over with more quickly. You slurp down beer and ignore conversational etiquette as you wipe your hands on the napkin, throwing it on the table. You clank your silverware and talk sports despite others’ obvious lack of interest in it. Sound boorish and like something you’d never do? Well, don’t be so sure of that. People often don’t realize how closely they adhere to their home eating habits when in a dining situation they do not wish to be in.

As a result, your spouse’s friends take a instant dislike to you, they will inevitably communicate this to your other half and it will be forever in the back of their mind that their friends disapprove of you. Hence, they are more likely to seek their advice during an argument, advice you can be sure will be detrimental to your relationship.

This could also come back to bite you later; perhaps your spouse remembers your behavior at that particular dinner and decides to return the compliment at a time that is important to you? For instance at a dinner with your boss, that in turn leads to you not getting the promotion that you were hoping for? Either way, the outcome will never be good one.

Now, let’s look at the proper table etiquette approach. You bring a small gift for your hosts, unfold your napkin and place it on your lap, wait until everyone is served before starting to eat and stand up when the women excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. You eat with both knife and fork, resting them like a “bridge” on your plate between bites and offer to pick up the check (though the hosts pay).

As a result, you come off as the perfect spouse, both adoring and respectful. Your spouse is so pleased with his or her friend’s approval, the rest of the vacation is a fantastic time and your relationship grows in strength because of it. You have built memories that last a lifetime and have increased your happiness: all with proper table etiquette.

Table Etiquette Is Everything

And just to make sure you understand just how important table etiquette is, the two preceding scenarios are both based on true stories. Table etiquette is the way in which we are perceived during our most social and intimate ritual: eating. Eating is vital to being alive and who we choose to share that time with represents a level of trust and bonding that can never be repaired once broken.

Chance are (due to our upbringing on fast food, TV dinners and delivery) that we can ALL use some pointers and reminders when it comes to table etiquette.

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Welcome To Table Etiquette Dot Net

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